Post Production

Filming is only half the fun.
If the footage we shoot is the lumber, the edit suite is where construction happens.
Our post-production team includes creative thinkers, problem solvers, and digital artists.


After production, one of our editors will take your project from raw footage to finished master. 
They are all experienced technicians and practiced artists in their unique craft. 
Check out their reels below.


Text, graphics and animation might come into play in your project.
They can add value, impact and clarity to your message.
We have the tools and industry connections to create, produce and deliver
nearly anything you could possibly imagine.

Colour Correction.png

Colour correction is the film equivalent of a carpenter sanding and oiling their finely made cabinet.
During this process we smooth out the rough edges, ensuring every frame looks its best.
But that's only the beginning. Colour can change the mood, amplify emotion or add dimension to your project.

Sound Design

Last in the process, but definitely not least in importance, quality sound will make or break your video project.
We partner with great sound professionals that specialize in recording, mixing and composing... 
All of the elements your project might require.