moving pictures - moving people

At Joe Media, we believe in the power of moving pictures. 
The right combination of story, picture, and sound will resonate to elicit an emotional response. 
We move people with moving pictures. It’s what we do. 
What do you do?

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Video production is an art-form.
One that demands creativity, collaboration, and expertise. 
Our team of skilled artists and craftspeople bring their rich experience to every project. 
Along with quality service, a welcoming atmosphere, and a sense of humour.

Matt Gillespie
President & CEO
(403) 398-5404

Stephan Gabriele
Television Producer
(403) 398-5429

Cale McArthur
 (403) 398-5405

Peter Hays
Writer • Creative Producer
(403) 398-5412

Rene Gillespie
Office Administrator

Karen Sveinson
Production • Post Production Manager
(403) 398-5420

Romina Imani
Producer • Production Manager
(403) 398-5442

Claudia Neff
Casting Director • Production Manager
(403) 398-5416

Maureen Brenner
Financial Manager
(403) 398-5415

Guillaume Carlier
Director • Camera Operator

Howard Wirth
Senior Editor

Michael Schmidt
Senior Editor

Jesse Klein-Waller

Caroline De Koninck

Erin St.Clair
Assistant Editor

Ben Beingessner
IT Manager • Data Manager
(403) 398-5408