Fave Friday #1

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Our First Fave Friday!

In a digital world there's tons of amazing content out there. Here are a few of our top picks in no particular order.  We hope you enjoy our first ever Fave Friday!


#1 - Strands Of Magic by State Farm

This 4 minute piece really knows how to pull at your heart and left us teary eyed. It tells a great story about two Alaskan moms who make wigs for children cancer patients. We are proud that our very own Barry Berona was a part of this tear jerking video. 


#2 - CBS' AFC Championship Intro

John Malkovich's meta intro video still has us pumped. We love the creative and different angle they took for a sports introduction. It's not the loud and flamboyant video you would expect


#3 - The Lion

We laughed at this satirical short film poking fun at our industry. The video depicts a commercial voice actor reacting to the many changes from their client. You can feel the tension building until the ultimate resolution. We hope you'll enjoy The Lion too.