Fave Friday #4

Can you believe we are finished our first month of Fave Friday? This week we want to show you some more of our favourite things to ease you into a fantastic weekend. 


Drake's New Music Video - Gods Plan

Today Drake released his music video for Gods Plan. The video starts off with an explanation of the budget they had for the music video and goes on to reveal that he will be giving it all away. Throughout the video we see Drake meeting countless people and sharing the wealth. 


Black Panther Trailer

There's a lot of excitement around today's official release of Marvels Black Panther. If you haven't seen it yet, you should absolutely watch the trailer. 


People Footwear - A Film about Footwear

Step foot first into the future with a parody documentary for People Footwear. This clever ad campaign from 2015 features an adorable robot talking about the history of footwear and his vision of footwear into the future. Filled with retro motifs and fun fake futuristic ideas this ad is sure to make you smile. 


Dance Dance - Short Art Film Featuring Flowers

Lest Wednesday was Valentin's day, when mass amounts of flowers are given out as symbols of love. In this video, flowers are used as symbolism for the changing seasons. 'Dance Dance' is filled with beautiful cinematography and stunning time-lapse. Which season is your favourite?