Fave Friday #3 - Trailers Galore!

Happy Friday everyone! As the week winds down we get hyped for some of the things in this edition of Fave Friday!


Westworld Season 2 Trailer

IMDb describes Westworld as a drama, mystery, sci-fi television series. Season 1 was hugely popular which makes us even more excited for season 2. This trailer shows off the amazing imagery and cinematography of the show. Are you stoked for season 2?


Han Solo Trailer

The general populous has been conflicted on if a Han Solo movie is what we need. Take a watch and decide for yourself. I'm personally excited for Donald Glover as young Lando


Deadpool 2 Trailer

The Deadpool 2 trailer is not your average trailer, and yet it is exactly what you would expect from Deadpool. It has a little fourth wall breaking, Deadpool's action figure reenactment and a Bob Ross segment. It is really a trailer you will have to see to believe. 


Calgary Cinematheque

We highly recommend you go check out the 2017/2018 season of Calgary Cinematheque. Their mission statement is 'Bringing people together to experience significant cinema'. Showing a new movie weekly brings in a lot of significant cinema. We are most interested in is the award-winning movie - Zama. Check out the trailer below. (Warning, there is one second of nudity in the middle)

One Minute Art History

Trailers aren't tickling your fancy? No worries. Check out this awesome animation where each frame represents a different style throughout art history.