Fave Friday #2

Super Bowl Commercial Fan Favourites

Super Bowl is a time for cheering on your favourite team, but more importantly watching all those big budget commercials! We've asked around the office and here are our favourites!


Volkswagen - The Force

In 2011 Volkswagen unconventionally released 'The Force' on YouTube days before the Super Bowl. It ended up being a huge hit and generating a lot of love and getting a lot of views for this commercial!


Heinz - Wiener Stampede

In 2016 Heinz partnered with David the Agency to produce a puppy filled condiment commercial. It's too cute not to be in our favourites. 


Apple - 1984

Riddley Scott directed an iconic commercial in 1984 capturing his classic dystopian world. This old school throwback is an important super bowl commercial in the annals of advertising history.


Oikos - The Spill

It's impossible not to mention the sensual and hilarious Oikos yoghurt commercial featuring John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier. It was directed in 2014 by our very own Wayne Craig.



Budweiser - Clydesdales Horse

Budweiser knows how to make you have an emotional response. This heart warming commercial features the love of a farmer and a Clydesdale horse. 


Coca Cola - Mean Joe Green

In 1979 Coca-Cola worked with McCann to came out with the classic 'Mean Joe Green' commercial that went on to forever change Joe Green's image.


Old Spice - The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Old Spice hit it out of the park when their 2010 Super Bowl commercial went viral. There have since been many variations and parodys made but we still love the memorable original. 


TaxAct.com - Free to Pee

 We couldn't forget Tax Act's cheeky commercial where a little boy is trying desperately to find a washroom. In 2012 it was the only tax commercial to air during the Super Bowl. No wonder it stuck in our brains and made the list. 


Kia - Melissa McCarthy Saves The World

Melissa McCarthy is hilarious as she travels the world trying to be an 'eco-warrior'. David and Goliath were the producers of these goofy 2017 super bowl advertisements. 


Do you have a favourite Super Bowl commercial? Share it with us!